MASTERRIND unites more than 8,500 farms in Germany with about 620 thousand heads of Holstein cattle and almost 11 thousand heads of beef cattle.

The Association is the largest livestock exporter in the world. More than 36 thousand animals are exported annually to three continents.

Quality is our top priority: the balance of health and productivity.

2 million spermadoses are sold annually. Artificial insemination within the association contributes to improving the quality of livestock on a regular basis. All herds of animals are under official productivity control.

MASTERRIND contributes to the long-term success of its members, customers and partners.

Breeding programmes
Breeding animals
Trade of embryos, sperm, hatching and fish eggs


MASTERRIND Representative office in Russia,
Russia, St. Petersburg,
Energetikov ave., 10, lit. A, office 217
Tel.: +7(812) 604-84-14
Website of the representative office in Russia:
International website:

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