Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health (IFF)


Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, part of IFF is an industry leader in nutritional health solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics. Through the lens of nutribiosis, IFF invests in science and innovation to help producers improve performance, increase livability and support welfare in the face of increasing pressure to reduce or remove antibiotics from production systems. Danisco Animal Nutrition capabilities are underpinned by the quality and quantity of our trials, including over 80,000 guts sampled from over 500 farms, investments in omics technologies and microbiome research, and collaboration with leading commercial, governmental and academic partners. For more information, visit animalnutrition.iff.com



ZAO Danisco
Russian Federation
Krylatskaya street 17 building 3
Tel +7 (495) 9357950

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